Down and Out chopper build update...Frame is Painted!!!!!

December 01, 2014 1 min read

Yes it's true. I have finally painted the frame. I laid down silver base with House Of Kolor Kandy Solar Gold over the top. Followed it up with some House Of Kolor  Klear. And Bam! it looks amazing.

 I also paint a chopper bicycle to match. I made this bike many years ago for my son but never got around to painting it. It has a similar profile to the project bike so I thought it would be cool to make it a matching pair.

 Once I get the graphics done on the tank and fenders I will add some matching graphics to the bicycle frame.

 Check out the paint process in our "How To Video" section. Ordered up some new House Color Kandies to do the the tank and fenders. Hopefully should have the paint by the end of the week to start figuring out some crazy stuff for the tins.

Thanks for tuning in. Troy

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