It's not all about looking good. ( Well Maybe)

However, Safety, Reliability and Vehicle Performance are Key to an enjoyable driving experience

We recomend upgrading vehicle systems to modern standards.

This means things like Disc Brakes, Modern Steering and Suspension Components.

For safety and driveability.

Fuel Injection Systems for performance, reliability and fuel economy.

Modern transmisions and overdrive units can make highway cruising both comfortable and quiet.

And of course creature comforts like Air Conditioning make you want to drive your classic on a hot summer day.

How about a custom exhaust for that performance sound, with out being too loud in the cabin for conversation.

We use the best components from the best manufacturers.

Combined with expert craftsmanship you get best results for years of enjoyment.

  • Vintage Air Conditioning Systems
  • Wilwood Disc Brake Systems
  • Reilly Motorsports
  • Global West Suspension
  • Ridetech
  • Tremic Transmisions
  • Gearvendor Overdrives
  • Holley Sniper Fuel Injection Systems
  • Custom Fabricated Exhaust Systems using MagnaFlow & Flowmaster components
  • Dakota Digital Custom Gauge Systems

And much more......

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