Project "Down & Out Update"

December 10, 2014 1 min read

Hi folks,

We are now cooking with gas. The fenders are painted and on the bike. Looking sweet, if I don't say so myself. Paint some of the accessory parts, the oil tank & battery box. The fuel tank is now painted. you see the post on vtwins to v8s facebook page. Due to time constraints I have been slow post to this blog.

 I had my good friend pinstriper John Cloutier come out to the shop and add some of his pinstripe magic to the frame. It looks awesome. It's done in an old school style to keep with the theme.

 And like the old drag cars and custom bikes it needed an appropriate name. So the new name is going to be "Gold Digger" this is due to the bike being gold and the style being a "digger" it just seemed to fit. So John has the tank at his shop to letter it with the "Gold Digger" moniker.

 I will post some more video soon. Thanks for reading.


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