April 24, 2017 1 min read

This past week the project Camaro took a turn for the worst. My client had purchased a complete engine & transmission used from a person on Craigslist. The engine was represented as a "good engine & transmission". This was not the case. The assembly was installed as requested by the client. Initially I was skeptical as a seasoned veteran we all have horror stories of used engines. Now I have another one. 

 For the first start up things appear to be in order. After final plumbing and checks a short road test to the alignment shop it seemed workable. But upon return with further test & tune the engine had a noticeable vibration that was getting worse. 

 At the clients request the engine was removed and disassembled for diagnosis. Oil pan and heads were removed. Number 6 cylinder was severely damaged. The damage appeared to have been cleaned up with a hone. Replacement pistons installed and the engine was re-assembled. 

 Was this a deception or a salvage attempt? I cannot answer this question. I can say the cylinder is so bad things were never going to be "okay". The cylinder is so bad I do not believe the block to be salvageable. 

 So, don't buy unknow parts from unknown people. It is the recipe for trouble, costly lessons. 

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