November 19, 2021 2 min read

How to Polish Stainless Steel Trim On A Car So you spent the time and watched the video I posted on repairing your stainless steel trim. If not please check out that video as it sets the ground work for the complete process. After you have completed the repair process you have your trim looking pretty good. It's straight, it's not dented or twisted. But, it looks like brushed stainless steel. And you want it to look like chrome. No problem. In this vdieo I will show you how to take the repaired moldings from the brushed look to the chrome look. You'll learn, what tools you'll need. What kind of Buffers What type of Buffing Pads What Compounds do I use You'll also learn safe pratices. What safety equipment is recomended. How not to damage your parts How not to get hurt. And best of all how to get Pro Results for your project. I will show you step by step all the techniques I use to repair chrome trim for my clients Show Cars. A little time and practice and you'll be getting great results too! Time Codes0:00 Intro1:58 Buffing Wheels3:52 Cleaning Pads4:40 Compounds6:00 The Buffer7:20 Setting up the Buffer8:47 Safety9:35 Pad Cleaning10:10 How to use the Buffer11:44 Applying the Compound12:47 Working off the edge13:22 working small areas14:00 Close up Buffing Camera16:30 Buffing Techniques18:17 Close up of progress18:58 Step one complete vs original part19:30 Step Two Intermediate or Spiral Sewn Buff22:10 Close up Buffing Camera Step Two23:42 Step Two Complete Close up vs original part24:21 Final Polish White Rouge25:17 Close up Buffing Camera Step 326:07 Close up of Final Product vs original part26:22 The Wrap Up Links for tools and supplies I use. Please support my channel by using my links The Buffer The Buffer Stand The Buffing Rake Sisal Pad Spiral Sewn Pad Soft & Loose Pad Black Emery Compound Step one Light Grey Compound Step 2 White Rouge Step 3 Micro Fiber Clothes Thank you for tuning in. Please Like & Subscribe Comments and encouraged and appreciated Thanks again, Troy Kane​​​​ New Videos uploaded on Thursdays