New Project "66 Thunderbird!

April 12, 2016 1 min read

I took on a project to restore a 1966 T-Bird. At first not being a huge Ford fan I was somewhat skeptical to my interest in this car. But, after seeing this car it truly brought me right back to why I love this work.

These cars were built when style was king and space travel was new and exciting. No it's not a "muscle car" but it sure has some great features.

  Some of them are,  the convertible top retracts into the trunk electrically, then the trunk closes back over the top with a finish panel. How about the steering wheel swings off to the right to allow easier entry and exit. The interior is cool, wrap around bucket seats. Space age dash blended into a center console. 

 Attached are some photos. I will being posting as the project progresses.

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