Down & Out Chopper Build Update

October 30, 2014 2 min read

 Hi Folks, with the engine apart I had to make some  decisions. the fact that the bike was an 883 wasn't a big deal. I had just scored a 1200 kit recently and will use that to make the engine a 1200. Being the bike is an '89 it makes some items harder to get, the primary cover is different from later models. My cover is aluminum and has some road rash. I've be looking high and low for a good used chrome one, but no luck. I had some chrome cam & sprocket covers, but they are not perfect. My rocker boxes on the original bike, also aluminum. Once again I have some chrome ones but they have some pits.

 So basically I don't have a complete set of good covers either way. Now what, spend 800 $$$ on new chrome? Or repair and paint the stuff I have. Or polish the aluminum? The problem with polishing, it just leads to more polishing it never ends. You polish it it oxidizes, you polish again, cycle repeats. I'm all set with that. I'm also trying to build this bike for a reasonable cost, sound familiar to anyone else?

 I little brainstorming, and I've come up with an idea. I'm going to kind of blend the chrome with black wrinkle and gloss black. Here's the plan, the center cases & jugs are going wrinkle black. The primary, cam cover & sprocket cover will be gloss black. Now my rocker boxes are three parts, the rocker housing, the "d" ring and the top cover. My housings and top covers are pitted. but the "d" rings are mint. I'm going to keep the d rings chrome, and gloss black the other two parts. I'm going to spring for new chrome hardware kit. Chrome plugs for the primary and other accent parts.

 I'm anxious to see this come together. I will be painting the covers today. And will post a video segment in the next couple days. Say tuned.

Thanks Troy

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