All Over The Truck Now (in between shoveling snow) that is.

February 08, 2015 1 min read

So folks it been a crazy winter storm after storm. I spend a good part of my days plowing and shoveling these days. But, not all is lost. Due to waiting for some outside vendor delays for the Gold Digger Bike I have rekindled the fires on the chevy pick up. Check out my videos and you can see how the cab came out. The cab is now back on the chassis and I'm onto the bed.

This morning I primed the inside of the bed after spending yesterday sanding it. This week coming should be bring me to some final sanding, and alas some paint. I will be posting videos on the refinishing process of the bed. Hopefully mother nature will allow me the time needed to get this done.

Stay tuned, Thanks Troy

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