Encouraging The Next Generation

January 22, 2015 1 min read

We all like our toys, bikes, cars, boats. I was fortunate, and grew up around some of the best Auto Body & Mechanical Professionals. I was mentored and taught "the tricks of the trade" by seasoned pros. Starting out with mini bikes, go karts & snowmobiles. Moving up to dirt bikes, road bikes and cars. I could have any kind of cool bike or car I wanted as long as I built it and paid for it.

 But I wasn't alone, there was always someone to coach me and show  me how to do things. Most important I was encouraged to keep working, to keep at it.    I believe it's important to encourage "The Next Generation". The kids coming up,  and showing an interest in our passion.

 We have been mentored....Now we are the mentors. Wow, that happened fast.

The pictures above, are of a junior dragster. It belongs to my friends grand daughter, Julie. It's a junior dragster she races at New England Dragway. She is only 10 and a junior drag racer. How cool is that. She is learning like most of us by doing and being mentored by the "Old Guys".

 That's what it's all about. Passing the torch to next generation. Remember that, when a young person asks you how to do something. A "Mentor" or an "Old Guy" probably taught you. You need to teach them.

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