Engine time for "Down & Out" Chopper

October 20, 2014 1 min read

So it's disassembly time for the engine and transmission. Torn the heads off and I don't have a 1200 like the Craiglist guy told me. I have an 883, but that's ok. I scored a top kit for a 1200 recently and we'll use that to make our own 1200.

 We have a bent shift shaft, so we popped the tranny apart too. The plan looks like this, top end with fresh rings and gaskets. Bottom end looks good.

 Change the ignition and make a custom wire harness to clean up the wiring mess. Re-gasket the side covers. Maybe a set of performance cams??? Trying to stay on budget.....that's hard.

 In the body shop. I have the tank just about ready to prime. Then I can start to work on the fenders. Things are going along quickly, and winter is long.

 I have another Sportster and that means.....Yes!

Another project, but first things first. Stay tuned

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