Down & Out Chopper Build

October 24, 2014 1 min read

Hi Folks,

 Updating once again, with the tank in primer I am moving onto the fenders. The rear fender is a stock sportster fender that I am modifying. I'm going for a short bobbed fender look, however I want to keep my stock strut mounts, my license plate bracket & my tail lamp.

So what I did was I cut the front of the fender and rolled the fender forward. I re-drilled my mount holes and that gives me the look I want. I also wanted to lose the grooved body line at the side of the fender. So what I did was some metal work to the ends of the fender. A little heat shrinking and some pick and file work.

Now I have the fender in filler and doing some final body work. My front fender was pretty good, if you remember I cut that fender short too. Cleaned the front fender up and applied filler to that as well.

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